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Retain your professional network. Stay in touch with SAP, your colleagues and the global SAP community.

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In the digital economy, the power of networks is the new currency. Connections and relationships are key to success. They help drive business development and innovation through collaboration with people we know. The SAP Alumni Network's vision is to unite and reunite all people who work or worked for SAP.

Join the Network now and together we can develop and maintain trustful relationships that go beyond business boundaries.

Alumni Spotlight

"After 26 years at SAP, cutting the bonds is not that easy. And why should I? The Alumni Network enables me to remain in the SAP family; it is a wonderful opportunity to stay in touch, or get back in touch, with colleagues who left SAP many years ago or just recently. It also provides a platform to connect and build new business relationships with former SAP colleagues. To sum up, the continued dialog with interesting and inspiring SAP-folks is valuable to me on a personal as well as on a professional level."
Annika von Redwitz
Diversity Advisor & Coach
Annika von Redwitz Consulting
1990 – 2016
"Being part of the SAP Alumni Network enables me to stay in touch with the key industry experts from SAP and engage them in a unique way. As I’m working on cutting-edge enterprise applications powered by machine learning in a start-up environment, the SAP network helps with idea validations, further introductions to relevant experts and business opportunities. Besides, it’s always fun to grab a beer at an alumni event and meet the ‘old’ lasting friends.""
Andrej Danko
VP Product Management
2003 - 2013
"Joining the SAP Alumni Network opened a new world of unique growth opportunities for me, from discussing our business with top leadership at exclusive Alumni events, gaining discounted access to prime SAP events, getting introduced to amazing business partners, to easily reunite and keep in touch with my global SAP family of innovators and movers and shakers across all industries."
Peter Ebert
SVP Sales & Business Development
1996 - 2009
"It's heartwarming to reconnect with former colleagues and see how SAP has changed since I've left - but also in which ways it's still the same. SAP attracts some of the brightest people I've had the pleasure to work with, and it's extremely valuable to be reconnected to that network."
Carmen Magar
Business Product Marketing Lead
2004 - 2007
1990 - 2016

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A message from the CEO

Help the world run better and improve people’s lives. This is the high purpose that unites all of us who have served under the banner of SAP at any point in our careers.

In that spirit, I welcome you to the SAP Alumni Network and wholeheartedly encourage you to join it. We all know the power of networks in this digital economy. Connections make us stronger and give us the ability to see the world through the unique perspectives of our connected peers. I’m very proud that thousands of women and men around the world shaped their own futures with SAP. The SAP Alumni Network is our opportunity to come together, to celebrate the company we love and to keep in touch with all the people who made it so special. Thank you for visiting!

signature Bill McDermott CEO, SAP

If you are an alumnus of an SAP acquired company such as SAP Ariba, SAP Concur, SAP Fieldglass, SAP Hybris, SAP SuccessFactors or any other company acquired by SAP, you are welcome to join the SAP Alumni Network.